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About the Author

Palden JenkinsPalden Jenkins, born 1950, is a polymath thinker with interests in world history, geopolitics, social development and psycho-spiritual growth.

A realistic visionary, he bridges that strange, uncomfortable gulf that yawns between mainstream views and alternative perspectives, and between the majority world and the rich world.

He has worked as an event organiser and community leader, a counsellor and adviser, book editor, researcher, teacher, webmaster and humanitarian (Middle East and Africa).

He has written eight books and a number of big resource websites.

Palden started thinking about the future when studying social sciences at the London School of Economics in 1968-71, after which he entered a period of deep questioning following the partial failure of the summer of love and the student revolutions of the time, in which he was involved.

He has developed his ideas ever since then through a long involvement in social, civic and aid projects, publishing and the movement for change. Having been an advisor to executives, monarchs, politicians and academics, as well as to activists, sheikhs, lamas and campaigners, he has been accustomed to working with a foot in many worlds.

Palden now lives on an organic farm in West Cornwall, UK. He has four grown children and six grandchildren.

Some people might reject his viewpoint owing to his involvement in subjects outside the boundaries of convention, yet over the years he has watched these boundaries shift as accepted ideas move closer to where he stands. History takes time.

This said, he cannot get everything right, since evolving reality is greater and quirkier than any of us can encompass, no matter what our status, qualifications, experience or authority.

But that's no reason to stand back and do nothing: we all need to do our bit toward creating a future we feel okay about leaving to our descendants. Because we are their ancestors.


Many thanks to the following, who have been supportive while this report was being formulated:
Alan Heeks
Lynne Speight
Peter Taylor
Tom Henfrey
Though none of them are responsible for the contents of the report.

And, indirectly, without their really knowing it:
Tulki Jenkins
Abebe Zewdu in Lalibela, Ethiopia
The Issa family in Beit Lahem, Palestine
The Flying Squad, the Nine and the Lamas
Families in Britain and Sweden
People, animals and wildlife on our farm

Possibilities 2050

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